May 2011 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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Air tickets from Singapore to Japan are really really cheap now.. I guess people are still staying away from Japan. Wondering if we should plan a trip to Japan…. Still thinking…

Here’s the newer range of BBL bags… They kind of remind me of Coach bags though.


Help survivors of the Japanese Disaster

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For those who can spare the money, let us offer a helping hand to the the Japanese in their times of need.

For Singaporean readers, you can find information on how you can donate via their website


For overseas readers, you can donate via Paypal to a selected non-profit organisation at

Burberry Blue Label – Women’s wear update

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Nov 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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BBL has a new range of patent bags posted on its website… I’m not a huge fan of patent bags as they look too “loud” for my comfort. Doling out $$ for a bag that I’ll bring out once in a blue moon is too extravagant but for those of you who love patent bags, and have the money to invest in one, you can consider the new BBL collection.

[If you are having a problem in choosing your fave out of the four bags, thechicgirls’ fave is the one in the first picture =)]

BAG ¥35,700 (ZAE39-046) size:220×340×90 color:ブラック

BAG ¥27,300 (ZAE38-046) size:160×240 color:ブラック

BAG ¥35,700 (ZAE39-046) size:220×340×90 color:レッド

BAG ¥27,300 (ZAE38-046) size:160×240 color:レッド

Burberry Blue Label Christmas Accessories

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After much search on the internet, I’ve managed to unearth two photos of BBL Christmas edition accessories. I’m not sure if they are from this year’s range or even if they are authentic since they are the first time I’ve chanced upon this design. The blue charm looks pretty much of another key ring from the usual collection that I’ve seen in one of their stores in our previous visits.

I still prefer charms from Samantha Thavasa Petite and Samantha Thavasa as they look more unique and sweet but if you are a BBL fan, these may very well interest you:

Pictures taken from,1

Oct – Nov 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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It’s Xmas again. If you’ve been following our blog or BBL designs, you would know that BBL always releases its Collection collection around this time, a collection that usually includes some metallic colours to selected popular designs. It is a pity that BBL doesn’t upload its Xmas range…. and I doubt this year is an exception. If we do spot any Japanese magazines that has BBL xmas, we’ll upload it here….. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Oct – Nov collection from BBL below….

Questions about purchasing Burberry Blue Label in Japan

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We had received an email from a  reader asking about tax rebates when purchasing BBL items in Japan and I’d like to share what we know.

At the Ginza boutique, if you purchase above a minimum amount that qualifies you for a tax rebate,  you’ll only need to pay the tax-free amount, hence there’s no need to get a tax refund. You’ll need to show your passport and sign a few forms. This is unlike purchasing in dept stores where you’ll need to pay the price of the bag and their local tax upfront, and then to get a tax refund in cash from one of their tax-refund booth. I don’t recall if you can opt for a reverse charge of the rebate to your credit card. In either way, you’ll tend to lose some money from the conversion rate.

The same reader asked whether Burberry Blue Label are sold at factory outlets. From what I understand, the blue label doesn’t sell its items in Gotemba or garden walk [their versions of factory outlets which are located Tokyo]. However, one of thechicgirls came across a blog post [in chinese] many many years ago saying that BBL does sell discounted items such as clothes but it’s not at their boutiques or factory outlets. It’s at either their warehouse or office. The blog said that they didn’t have any bags that were on discount though. Not sure if this is true or rumour but if anyone has bought discounted BBL items, do drop a comment to verify this~

April – Jul 2009 Burberry Blue Label Collection

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In case anyone is wondering if this blog is being closed since there’s been few updates over the last few months, nope, it isn’t so… Just that my attention drifted to other branded bags as I just went to the land of branded bags.. hee, but now that the euphoria of being in the ‘lala’ land of Pradas, Guccis, YSL, LV has died down, I’m ready to pick up where I left off for Burberry Blue Label~ =)

Compared to the really pedigreed brands like those I stated above, though Burberry Blue Label is not that prestigious, I like how the brand churns out beautiful coloured bags that have its signatured checkered pattern, how only those BBL lovers know that it’s a BBL bag, how I don’t have to worry about leather marks and creases and dirt (referring only to their range of nylon bags), and how I can get two BBL bags for the price of an LV!….So, at this moment, I’m still loving BBL, not ready to be converted to the higher end of bags! =) Hands up for those who have the same sentiments as me!

Anyway, we’ll be starting our upcoming August trip soon, so start drawing up your wishlist if you want to preorder any bags~ But as promised, we’ll be sending the info to those on our mailing list first, so check you inbox in the next two days if you are already on our mailing list~ We’ll be placing the info on this blog once all emails are sent out!~ So do watch out for updates too! Pictures of bags from April to Jul 2009 collection are placed below for your reading pleasure =) Tata…

Picture 1

FROM LEFT BAG ¥39,900 (ZAE16-512) size:280×180×140 color:ブラウン [7月中旬入荷]
¥39,900 (ZAE15-512) size:300×225×120 color:ブラウン [7月中旬入荷]

Picture 2

FROM LEFT BAG ¥19,950 (ZAE19-513) size:200×370×140 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]
¥22,050 (ZAE17-513) size:270×440×160 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]
¥19,950 (ZAE18-513) size:240×370×140 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]

Picture 3

FROM LEFT BAG ¥45,150 (ZAE14-511) size:200×230×140 color:ネイビー [7月上旬入荷]
¥58,800 (ZAE13-511) size:230×330×180 color:ネイビー [7月上旬入荷]


BAG ¥16,800 (ZAE20-514) size:250×310×130 color:ブラック・ピンク・ベージュ・ホワイト

Picture 6

FROM LEFT BAG ¥34,650 (ZA469-281) size:320×360×130 color:ピンク [5月下旬入荷]
¥29,400 (ZA470-281) size:225×390×150 color:ピンク [5月下旬入荷]

Picture 7

FROM LEFT BAG ¥51,450 (ZA467-237) size:250×240×140 color:カーキ [5月上旬入荷]
¥48,300 (ZA468-237) size:290×340×160 color:カーキ [5月上旬入荷]

Picture 8

FROM LEFT BAG ¥39,900 (ZA465-280) size:310×420×230 color:ベージュ [5月上旬入荷]
¥34,650 (ZA466-280) size:270×200×160 color:ベージュ [5月上旬入荷]

Picture 9

FROM LEFT BAG ¥9,450 (ZC447-292) size:130×160×90 color:ライトブロンズ
¥34,650 (ZA445-292) size:280×380×135 color:ライトブロンズ
¥29,400 (ZA446-292) size:230×400×135 color:ライトブロンズ

Picture 10

FROM LEFT BAG ¥9,450 (ZC440-293) size:150×250 color:レッド
¥27,300 (ZA438-293) size:300×380×125 color:レッド
¥24,150 (ZA439-293) size:220×300×110 color:レッド

Jan – Mar 2009 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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Dear readers~

There’s been a great variety of bags that have been posted up on BBL official website since our last update. Design-wise, I still prefer the checkered ones that they didn’t put up on their website and this is a pity as I felt that they should have put up their best bags on their website to draw more BBL lovers to check them out. But nevertheless, I’ll try to suss out all the nice bags that’s available from other online sources =) If any of you manage to go Japan, can you pretty please take some photos of the available designs there to help others who may be planning to get a bag or planning a hols and getting a bag there too~ That includes me! hee.. I don’t have an email for BBL but you can just email with photos and we’ll gladly put them up and attribute the photos to you. Or else, just post the pictures on a photo sharing site and send them to us.

You might ask what’s in for you… well, there’s no $$ rewards I’m afraid for now. BUT… if every starts doing this, we can build up an archive of photos where everyone gets the latest dibs on what’s available. Sounds cool right =)

I’m ending off with pictures of bags and prices that’s up on their official site. So long~

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Burberry Blue Label – Latest 2009 checkered designs~ with the wow factor~

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My heart just went ‘thud thud’ when I saw the latest collection with checkered patterns. It’s a whole new design and it’s been a long time since BBL has come up with anything with the ‘wow’ factor (at least to me). It’s not up on their official website. It makes me wonder what is BBL’s criteria when they decide which bags to put up online……

My guess is there’ll be lots of BBL fans who will love to get their hands on this particular range as well! Not sure about the price range but it should be around 30,000 – 40,000 Yen.

Luv the second bag on the first row, plus the two bags on the second row~ But absolutely hate the bags in the third row~




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