Order information for in stock BBL items

Now that you’ve decided to purchase an item from us, what is the next step?

Making the first move to say hello:

You can simply use the comment feature on our blog to place your order. We will reply on the item availability and payment details via the email address that you’ve provided within 36 hours. In your comment/email to us,

  1. Type out in full the item that you wish to purchase and attach a picture of the item that you wish to get,
  2. indicate the country you are located in and
  3. fill up your particulars  (your email and your name). If you are contacting us via the comment function of our blog, pls provide your email in the fields provided and not in the comment text in case you get spam mails from others. If you prefer to email us, you can email us at thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg.

Delivery option:

For orders from Singapore: We offer meet-ups for BBL purchases on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings at Sengkang (due to our schedule, we are unable to fix it at other times or other locations at the moment). A S$5 fee for registered uninsured local mail is also available for those who are unable to do a meet-up. Items will be mailed out either Wednesday or Saturday.

For orders from other countries: Items will be mailed out on either Wednesday or Saturday via registered air mail. The total cost includes registered air mail and insurance.

The clinking sound of money:

For orders from Singapore, payment can be made at a meet-up. If you are opting for registered, non-insured local mail, payment has to be made via local bank transfer to our POSB account. Upon payment, we will send you an acknowledgment of your payment and proceed to mail out your purchase/s.

For orders from other countries, payment can be made via paypal. We will send a payment request in Singapore dollars to you once your order is confirmed. Paypal allows payment via credit cards or paypal funds. Upon payment, we will send you an acknowledgment of your payment and proceed to mail out your purchase/s.



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  1. Hi,

    May i know do u still have any stock for Burberry Blue Label checkered prints (Pink or Black color)?

    How much should i pay i got the above?

    Hope heard from you soon


    • hello serene, which design are you interested in? Can send the picture to thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg? thanks.

  2. I’m interested in the burberry blue label small handbag in pink large checks. Can you send me the details of it through my email- tanvenesse@gmail.com.
    Thanks! 🙂

  3. hi,do u have the Burberry Blue Label Canvas Tote (khaki)? How many should i pay to you? I will send a picture to u ,thx…

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