Nov 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

November 30, 2010 at 2:49 am | Posted in BBL official website updates, my ramblings, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

BBL has a new range of patent bags posted on its website… I’m not a huge fan of patent bags as they look too “loud” for my comfort. Doling out $$ for a bag that I’ll bring out once in a blue moon is too extravagant but for those of you who love patent bags, and have the money to invest in one, you can consider the new BBL collection.

[If you are having a problem in choosing your fave out of the four bags, thechicgirls’ fave is the one in the first picture =)]

BAG ¥35,700 (ZAE39-046) size:220×340×90 color:ブラック

BAG ¥27,300 (ZAE38-046) size:160×240 color:ブラック

BAG ¥35,700 (ZAE39-046) size:220×340×90 color:レッド

BAG ¥27,300 (ZAE38-046) size:160×240 color:レッド


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  1. Hi i am looking at this bag (ZAE38-046) and someone told me they have silver colour. Do you have the pic to share?

    Will silver in patent looks christmassy?

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