A warning for those purchasing Burberry Blue Label in Japan – Rules on the Sale of Burberry Blue Label Products

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We had a wonderful buyer who warned us earlier this year about this BBL rule on sale of their items. We were pretty surprised when we first heard of it but luckily we didn’t face problems with this rule during our last trip. I guess it could be that we went as a group, so purchases were spread out among us. This warning is posted on their official website, in both Chinese and English language.

So just to warn any of our readers who are intending to help your friends to buy items of the same model on a trip to Japan!


Rules on the Sale of Burberry Blue Label Products

The following rules regarding the sale of these products will become effective beginning January 2010. We appreciate your understanding.

With regard to Burberry Blue Label:
1. we reserve the right to refuse sale of these products to persons identified as having previously purchased these products for the purpose of export and resale;
2. we reserve the right to refuse sale of these products to persons purchasing these products in a way that is suspected to be that of a trader for export and resale; and
3. each customer’s purchase will be limited to two items of any one model number of the same color per purchase.

– From BBL official website


关于BLUE LABEL品牌的销售规则 从2010年1月起,适用以下销售规则,敬请谅解!


1、 对于可以断定是以出口转售为目的曾在本公司购买过上述商品的客户,本公司将拒绝一切销售。
2、 对于有理由认为是以出口转售为目的在本公司购买商品的客户,本公司将拒绝销售。
3、 对于同一品种且同一颜色的商品,每位客户每次购买数量不得超过2件。- From BBL official website


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