Reader’s question: Creases on Burberry Blue Label bag?

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Received a question from a reader asking about creases on her BBL bags that she noticed.

I have yet any problems with the BBL bags that I have but then I use my bags on a rotational basis (yes, I’ve too many bags already!) plus they aren’t made from cotton. I’m guessing it’s part of wear and tear. The usual care for bags won’t work here since it’s about creases, not care. If any of you have the same problem or answers to her question, pls share under this blog posting. I’m interested to find out too! =)


This is more like a care question – I noticed there are many creases in my blue label checkered bags and am not sure why this is so. How can I get rid of it? I have been surfing around to find an answer but can’t seem to find someone with a similar problem!


Burberry Blue Label Fashion Spread from Sweet April 2010 Magazine

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Enjoy the pictures =) Found these pages in my Sweet April Magazine

Dec – March 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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BAG ¥45,150 (ZA412-020)size:290×360×85

¥49,350 (ZA411-020)size:360×400×100


¥27,300 (ZA419-040)size:330×180×130

¥29,400 (ZA418-040)size:400×230×140


¥29,400 (ZA405-001)size:160×260×120

¥37,800 (ZA401-001)size:270×340×140


¥27,300 (ZA403-001)size:200×300×100

¥29,400 (ZA402-001)size:300×350×160


¥37,800 (ZA413-020)size:200×210×120


Jan 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection – Silver and Gold wallets

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¥25,200 (ZB420-013)size:95×190

¥22,050 (ZB421-013)size:95×140

¥22,050 (ZB422-013)size:100×115

Jan 2010 – Burberry Blue Label Collection – A new range of Burberry Blue Label Reversible bags?

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I was just surfing online to prepare for our next preorder trip when I spotted something interesting.. Apparently, during the brief period where our attention got diverted from BBL, BBL had introduced a new range of reversible bags!

I’m not too sure if this current reversible design is popular amongst our readers but the shape reminds me of the BBL bucket bag. The pricing is also quite affordable as it uses very little leather material. Whether it will be a hit among BBL fans, we’ll see whether BBL see it is worth their effort to introduce similar design.

I personally think the design can be further tweaked. It looks nice but I won’t want the label to be positioned outside the bag. Also, the little pouch should have been made of checkered cloth, or at least have a bit of checkered cloth on it, like the old reversible range. It’s pretty strange that they didn’t post any info about the reversible design on their official website. They should have posted on their website photos of the bag with checkered design rather than the metallic side out! I seriously suspect BBL really got locked into some weird clause with the main Burberry company that restrict them from posting up pictures of bags with checkered cloth on them, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense not to showcase the bag in the best light!

BAG ¥22,050 (ZA408-003)


Picture from TW auction, reversible bag~

Mar 10 Burberry Blue Label Collection

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It’s been a long while since our last update and I’m guessing we are missing some designs that BBL has posted on their website. Hopefully what we are missing are designs that we don’t like!

BAG ¥25,200 (ZA424-050) size:380×270×120

¥27,300 (ZA423-050)size:380×260×140

color:Red, also comes in blue and white

BAG ¥34,650 (ZA417-021)size:250×370×110

¥37,800 (ZA416-021)size:370×355×120

color: looks blue to me but the colour described on BBL official website is biege. Strange. The other colour is dark blue.

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