Questions about purchasing Burberry Blue Label in Japan

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We had received an email from a  reader asking about tax rebates when purchasing BBL items in Japan and I’d like to share what we know.

At the Ginza boutique, if you purchase above a minimum amount that qualifies you for a tax rebate,  you’ll only need to pay the tax-free amount, hence there’s no need to get a tax refund. You’ll need to show your passport and sign a few forms. This is unlike purchasing in dept stores where you’ll need to pay the price of the bag and their local tax upfront, and then to get a tax refund in cash from one of their tax-refund booth. I don’t recall if you can opt for a reverse charge of the rebate to your credit card. In either way, you’ll tend to lose some money from the conversion rate.

The same reader asked whether Burberry Blue Label are sold at factory outlets. From what I understand, the blue label doesn’t sell its items in Gotemba or garden walk [their versions of factory outlets which are located Tokyo]. However, one of thechicgirls came across a blog post [in chinese] many many years ago saying that BBL does sell discounted items such as clothes but it’s not at their boutiques or factory outlets. It’s at either their warehouse or office. The blog said that they didn’t have any bags that were on discount though. Not sure if this is true or rumour but if anyone has bought discounted BBL items, do drop a comment to verify this~


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