Nov-Dec 2009 Burberry Blue Label Collection

November 30, 2009 at 4:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Burberry Blue Label will usually introduce their Christmas edition in mid-November but I’ve yet to see pictures of it surfacing around. Anyone has seen pictures of it?

The closest to BBL’s Xmas collection is their metallic range of bags below but their website doesn’t state whether they are from the Xmas edition. Somehow these bags also don’t fit the usual category of X-mas edition BBL bags. X-mas edition tend to be more expensive than the usual range and comes in metallic colours. Although it fulfills the metallic component, the pricing component is missing…. wondering….. …..

Here’s a look at the bags:

BAG ¥18,900 (ZAE46-564)size:285×350×130

Comes in metallic pink, silver and black

¥24,150 (ZAE42-565)size:150×310×40

¥24,150 (ZAE43-565)size:100×140×25

Comes in Silver and Black

¥22,050 (ZBE31-566)size:100×140×25

¥24,150 (ZBE30-566)size:95×190×25

¥15,750 (ZBE32-566)size:80×95

Comes in Silver and Black





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