Tips for purchasing Burberry Blue Label in Japan

October 10, 2009 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

We’ve just received an email asking us to share our experiences in purchasing BBL in Japan. Since there’s such a request on sharing our experiences, this shall be a post on it.

As a tourist, you would want to take in lots of sight and experience the culture, buy souvenirs to remember your short holiday in a strange new world, taste the local food, experience the customs in a country etc. Shopping in Japan is a major experience that everyone should undertake, even if you aren’t a shopper. They have international brands selling products exclusive for the Japanese, Japanese brands that you can’t get elsewhere and Japanese brands that are priced lower than any country. One of the must get brands for most Asians would be the Burberry Blue Label, an exclusive label sold in Japan only. It’s pretty common to see tourists from HK, Taiwan and Singapore carrying the paperbags on the streets and the airport.

To start your shopping for Burberry Blue Label, you’ll need to know where the shops are. Not all departmental stores have Burberry Blue Label. If you already have a bag in mind to buy, sometimes you’ll need to go to several stores before finding it. Knowing how to speak Japanese would be a plus but if you don’t, they do understand the sacred words in shopping – ‘new piece’ and ‘okay’. Most are able to read English, just that they either don’t want to speak or can’t speak very well. For more complicated questions, you can ask them in writing. If not, some of the shopping centres have staff who can speak in other languages. I find that there are quite a lot of Chinese who are working in Japan’s service line, so don’t be surprised if the sales rep in Japan ask if you can speak Chinese when you try to converse in English with them.

When buying your BBL, look out for any defects. New pieces are usually in good condition but if the display piece is the only piece left, do a thorough check as some shoppers don’t really care about treating items that aren’t theirs well. I have a friend who has a rule of not getting an item from the shelf. She hates the idea that any April, May, June could have touched her new bag. I’m not too fussy but I always check a bag throughly first, be it purchasing for myself or for others. I think especially when you buy for others, you would tend to be more careful with checking through the purchases.

If you want the dustbag from them, you’ll need to ask from them as they don’t necessarily offer them to you. You can only get one paperbag for one item and you may get the gold Burberry paperbag instead of burberry blue label one, depending where you bought your item. For the Ginza store, they usually give the gold one. Not sure if that’s a standard practice for them but on the three occasions where we got our purchases from there, they gave the gold paperbags.

Lastly, remember to get your tax rebate after buying the items on the same day, at the deapartmental store…. otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy a 5% rebate, which is pretty considerable~


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