New 2009 Burberry Blue Label Checkered bags~

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Hello, just spotted bags with new Burberry Blue Label checkered prints! Haven’t seen anyone in Singapore carrying it though but I’ll be keeping my eyes wide open when I take the MRT. Want to have a look before deciding whether to get one for myself! The collection is making me pretty hyped up for our upcoming trip. Love the pink and brown bags.Picture 2

There are two sizes for this design – a bigger one and a smaller version. I don’t have the pricing of the bag but if it’s similarly priced as its previous checkered bags collection, it should be around 33 000 Yen-36000 Yen. You can start to order your bag in a day’s time~ Check out our preorder info tmr~

Below’s another smaller bag with the same checkered pattern. I think it should be from the same collection but can’t comment further as I couldn’t find more info on it besides finding the picture from google photo. The bag looks kawaii though =)

Picture 4


April – Jul 2009 Burberry Blue Label Collection

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In case anyone is wondering if this blog is being closed since there’s been few updates over the last few months, nope, it isn’t so… Just that my attention drifted to other branded bags as I just went to the land of branded bags.. hee, but now that the euphoria of being in the ‘lala’ land of Pradas, Guccis, YSL, LV has died down, I’m ready to pick up where I left off for Burberry Blue Label~ =)

Compared to the really pedigreed brands like those I stated above, though Burberry Blue Label is not that prestigious, I like how the brand churns out beautiful coloured bags that have its signatured checkered pattern, how only those BBL lovers know that it’s a BBL bag, how I don’t have to worry about leather marks and creases and dirt (referring only to their range of nylon bags), and how I can get two BBL bags for the price of an LV!….So, at this moment, I’m still loving BBL, not ready to be converted to the higher end of bags! =) Hands up for those who have the same sentiments as me!

Anyway, we’ll be starting our upcoming August trip soon, so start drawing up your wishlist if you want to preorder any bags~ But as promised, we’ll be sending the info to those on our mailing list first, so check you inbox in the next two days if you are already on our mailing list~ We’ll be placing the info on this blog once all emails are sent out!~ So do watch out for updates too! Pictures of bags from April to Jul 2009 collection are placed below for your reading pleasure =) Tata…

Picture 1

FROM LEFT BAG ¥39,900 (ZAE16-512) size:280×180×140 color:ブラウン [7月中旬入荷]
¥39,900 (ZAE15-512) size:300×225×120 color:ブラウン [7月中旬入荷]

Picture 2

FROM LEFT BAG ¥19,950 (ZAE19-513) size:200×370×140 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]
¥22,050 (ZAE17-513) size:270×440×160 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]
¥19,950 (ZAE18-513) size:240×370×140 color:ピンク [7月中旬入荷]

Picture 3

FROM LEFT BAG ¥45,150 (ZAE14-511) size:200×230×140 color:ネイビー [7月上旬入荷]
¥58,800 (ZAE13-511) size:230×330×180 color:ネイビー [7月上旬入荷]


BAG ¥16,800 (ZAE20-514) size:250×310×130 color:ブラック・ピンク・ベージュ・ホワイト

Picture 6

FROM LEFT BAG ¥34,650 (ZA469-281) size:320×360×130 color:ピンク [5月下旬入荷]
¥29,400 (ZA470-281) size:225×390×150 color:ピンク [5月下旬入荷]

Picture 7

FROM LEFT BAG ¥51,450 (ZA467-237) size:250×240×140 color:カーキ [5月上旬入荷]
¥48,300 (ZA468-237) size:290×340×160 color:カーキ [5月上旬入荷]

Picture 8

FROM LEFT BAG ¥39,900 (ZA465-280) size:310×420×230 color:ベージュ [5月上旬入荷]
¥34,650 (ZA466-280) size:270×200×160 color:ベージュ [5月上旬入荷]

Picture 9

FROM LEFT BAG ¥9,450 (ZC447-292) size:130×160×90 color:ライトブロンズ
¥34,650 (ZA445-292) size:280×380×135 color:ライトブロンズ
¥29,400 (ZA446-292) size:230×400×135 color:ライトブロンズ

Picture 10

FROM LEFT BAG ¥9,450 (ZC440-293) size:150×250 color:レッド
¥27,300 (ZA438-293) size:300×380×125 color:レッド
¥24,150 (ZA439-293) size:220×300×110 color:レッド

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