Jan – Mar 2009 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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Dear readers~

There’s been a great variety of bags that have been posted up on BBL official website since our last update. Design-wise, I still prefer the checkered ones that they didn’t put up on their website and this is a pity as I felt that they should have put up their best bags on their website to draw more BBL lovers to check them out. But nevertheless, I’ll try to suss out all the nice bags that’s available from other online sources =) If any of you manage to go Japan, can you pretty please take some photos of the available designs there to help others who may be planning to get a bag or planning a hols and getting a bag there too~ That includes me! hee.. I don’t have an email for BBL but you can just email thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg with photos and we’ll gladly put them up and attribute the photos to you. Or else, just post the pictures on a photo sharing site and send them to us.

You might ask what’s in for you… well, there’s no $$ rewards I’m afraid for now. BUT… if every starts doing this, we can build up an archive of photos where everyone gets the latest dibs on what’s available. Sounds cool right =)

I’m ending off with pictures of bags and prices that’s up on their official site. So long~


Top row BAG ¥45,150 (ZA428-237) size:180×170×140 color:ホワイト [3月上旬入荷]
¥51,450 (ZA427-237) size:240×400×170 color:ホワイト [3月上旬入荷
Second Row BAG ¥29,400 (ZA430-238) size:180×300×200 color:ベージュ [3月中旬入荷]
¥34,650 (ZA429-238) size:280×380×150 color:ベージュ [3月中旬入荷]
Last row BAG ¥27,300 (ZA433-231) size:330×470×220 color:シルバー
¥24,150 (ZA434-231) size:270×370×180 color:シルバー


First row BAG ¥37,800 (ZA426-236) size:290×300×60 color:ベージュ [3月上旬入荷]
¥45,150 (ZA425-236) size:220×390×230 color:ベージュ [3月上旬入荷]
Second Row BAG ¥55,650 (ZA423-235) size:270×310×80 color:ゴールド [3月上旬入荷]
¥66,150 (ZA421-235) size:300×380×230 color:ゴールド [3月上旬入荷]
¥55,650 (ZA422-235) size:210×360×190 color:ゴールド [3月上旬入荷]


FROM LEFT BAG ¥40,950 (ZA420-225) size:250×390×120 color:ピンク [2月上旬入荷]
¥45,150 (ZA419-225) size:260×480×160 color:ピンク [2月上旬入荷]


First row BAG ¥29,400 (ZA417-218) size:250×370×200 color:ピンク [1月上旬入荷]
¥29,400 (ZA418-218) size:200×380×180 color:ピンク [1月上旬入荷]
Second Row BAG ¥51,450 (ZA415-217) size:220×440×110 color:ピンク [1月下旬入荷]
¥45,150 (ZA416-217) size:190×280×70 color:ピンク [1月下旬入荷]


FROM LEFT BAG ¥24,150 (ZA435-232) size:330×470×220 color:ブラック
¥22,050 (ZA436-232) size:270×370×180 color:ブラック


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  1. Hi

    Any chances that I could get the latest bags.

  2. Hi,

    Do you have Burberry Blue Label for Mens Wallets?


  3. Hi, what’s the price for pic 9?

  4. Thank you for the nice photos.
    I’m going japan soon, this can help to be a guide for my shopping list. I hope they are still available when I am in Tokyo.
    If there are new bags photos, I wld share with you gals.

  5. Hi Jophy

    We don’t have blue label for mens wallets. Not sure if they have but most men go for black label wallets. If you do know of an existing design that you want to get, we can do a preorder on your behalf on our next trip~

    Hi Sharon
    All the prices in yen are stated above. For preorder purchases, we have yet to fix our handling fee and the exchange rate. Details will be out later. Stay tune to our blog~

  6. Hi japanshopper

    That’s great! Sure, I’m sure all the readers here are gonna be extremely grateful to you – I for one will be most happy to get the pictures of the current season =P Have great fun at your hols and remember to take down the address of the BBL shops before you leave. Some readers told us they can’t find the shop when they were in Japan!

  7. Hi there,
    i found this website by accident, and i love the idea.
    I’m looking for new bag as my miumiu has been destroyed by a cup of bubble milk tea! (it pours inside without me noticing!)…
    well, i’m not quite sure bout the pricing = postage = when do we pay…when do we order… as i’m not from singapore (from malaysia but currently reside in Perth…)

    I would like to know more…love BBL~

  8. Hi

    Can add me in your mailing list….



  9. Pls update if you’re doing a pre-order. Tks.

  10. Hi

    I would like to buy the above stated model. pls kindly let me know how much u all are selling? and when can i receive the bags if i order now?

    ¥24,150 (ZA435-232) size:330×470×220 color:ブラック

    • Hi May

      Afraid the actual price won’t be known till the credit card bill arrives after we’ve made the purchase. The total cost will be based on 24150 X exchange rate by credit card company + handling fee per bag.

      If you order the bag now, you may get the bag by end of Jul but that is still pending on the flu situation in Japan. We may postpone the Jul trip (very reluctantly) if the flu situation persists.

  11. Hi, please add me to your mailing list
    and let me know if you are taking pre-order.

    Carolyn 🙂

  12. Hi, i just came back from Tokyo last Sat. FYI, I bought the checked pink bag that you like. Is available in Ginza Store.

    But my friend and I bought the last checked bag liao. Not sure will it still be available in store when u go in Jul/Aug.

    Deleted part of the post -> Hi michelle, sorry have to remove part of your post as we currently do not allow ads on our blog. Perhaps you can post it on ebay where the rest of our readers can check out =) And sounds like you had great fun shopping in Tokyo =) Hee.. – chicgirls

  13. hi pls add me to ur mailing list and do let me know when u open bookings for 2009. txs.

  14. hi!

    add me to yr mailing list? and do email if ur taking pre-orders ya!

    thankS 😀


  15. this is such an awesome site! please add me to the mailing list and let me know if you’re takin preorders!!! XD~

  16. hey,
    i m looking for bbl’s men shirt ….
    prefer size M
    any of thoses collection

    • Hi Connyc,

      Sorry, we don’t really pay much attention to BBL men clothing line. So can’t make a recommendation to you but we can do a special preorder for you if you know exactly what you want to get. Can check out http://www.burberry-bluelabel.com/collection/m/index.html for their current collection.

  17. hi, i was looking for the red checked dumpling bag w/ sling which was release yr2008…can i still get hold of one? i am desperate in finding one. i hope you could help. Thanks! -Gen

  18. Hi I would lke to find the burberry blue label fuchsia dumpling bag in black or blue colour, please kindly quote me the price.

    awaiting your reply.

    • Hi Joey

      Not sure about which bag you are referring to and I doubt we have the design you want in stock. If you are talking about a past collection, it’s not likely you’ll find in BBL boutiques too. If you’d like, you can send a picture of the bag you are talking about to our email thechicshop at yahoo.com.sg so that we can have a better idea.

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