Jan – Mar 2009 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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Dear readers~

There’s been a great variety of bags that have been posted up on BBL official website since our last update. Design-wise, I still prefer the checkered ones that they didn’t put up on their website and this is a pity as I felt that they should have put up their best bags on their website to draw more BBL lovers to check them out. But nevertheless, I’ll try to suss out all the nice bags that’s available from other online sources =) If any of you manage to go Japan, can you pretty please take some photos of the available designs there to help others who may be planning to get a bag or planning a hols and getting a bag there too~ That includes me! hee.. I don’t have an email for BBL but you can just email thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg with photos and we’ll gladly put them up and attribute the photos to you. Or else, just post the pictures on a photo sharing site and send them to us.

You might ask what’s in for you… well, there’s no $$ rewards I’m afraid for now. BUT… if every starts doing this, we can build up an archive of photos where everyone gets the latest dibs on what’s available. Sounds cool right =)

I’m ending off with pictures of bags and prices that’s up on their official site. So long~

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