Burberry Blue Label – Latest 2009 checkered designs~ with the wow factor~

January 18, 2009 at 4:55 am | Posted in my ramblings, Uncategorized | 15 Comments

My heart just went ‘thud thud’ when I saw the latest collection with checkered patterns. It’s a whole new design and it’s been a long time since BBL has come up with anything with the ‘wow’ factor (at least to me). It’s not up on their official website. It makes me wonder what is BBL’s criteria when they decide which bags to put up online……

My guess is there’ll be lots of BBL fans who will love to get their hands on this particular range as well! Not sure about the price range but it should be around 30,000 – 40,000 Yen.

Luv the second bag on the first row, plus the two bags on the second row~ But absolutely hate the bags in the third row~






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  1. hi.do you still have this design? thanks
    BAG ¥31,500 (ZA432-922) size:290×360×160 color: biege navy [launched on early Feb]

  2. Hi Ellen

    These are just pictures for sharing =) We will only do a preorder for BBL bags in Jul. If you wish, we can add you in our mailing list =)

  3. The last row are sold at 38,000 yen exclusive of tax when passport is shown. Retail price at 39,900 yen.

  4. Hi Yaya, guess I’m not too far off the price! Hope you had a great trip =)

    It is pretty expensive when one compares to BBL earlier rectangular tote bags.

  5. Hello,

    I am from Brunei Darussalam and would like to know how much is the BBL @ picture 7?? DO you ship to my country??

    • Hello Tini

      Yes, we do ship to Brunei. As for how much, yaya said she saw the bags on the last row is about 39,900 Yen in BBL stores.

      To yaya: Thanks for the price!

  6. The first row on the right one i luv it…

  7. Hi,
    May i know what’s the model no. for 1st row from right side the 1st(Beige) and 2nd(Black) one?

    • Hi Yvonne

      No idea about the model nos as these weren’t put up on BBL official website =(

  8. I just bought the hobo and am loving it 😀

  9. Hi.. I love e 1st bag on 2nd row.. Any idea how much it will be? Ü and I m thinking of getting a long wallet.. Will u be bringing any in? Thank thank.. Ü

  10. Hi~! would like to check with you hw much is the 1st bag on 2nd row?

  11. may i know what is the code number for the picture no. 03? & the price sell in japan? if it is new?

  12. HI

    would like to check do you have the bag in black of last row ? how much you selling ?

    Able to reply me to netshopping12@gmail.com


  13. hey, i’m very interested in buying burberry blue label bags from you. can you let me know how much are the bags? i’m interested in picture 7 and picture 3 (top row and last row)

    i actually love in toronto. can u let me know the shipping cost? do u use paypal?

    i love burberry blue label alot, therefore, i will check your website often and hopefully u’ll give me a good deal.

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