Jan 09 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

January 5, 2009 at 3:05 pm | Posted in BBL official website updates, my ramblings, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This Jan collection looks pretty cheery, despite Japan being in the midst of its winter. I’ve yet to experience Japan’s winter but during on of our trips in 2008, I got a taste of its spring and really, the air is so dry that my nose hurts! Had to buy a nose mask to counter the dry air.

Back to BBL, I’ve got mixed feelings about this collection. While I love the pink coloured bags, I won’t want to spend several hundreds on a canvas bag with just embroidered burberry blue label on it (it looks as though it’s embroidered but if it’s just a print on, then it’s really really not worth the $$$).  On second thoughts, I might get the small pink one if I’m in Japan now but I definitely won’t want to get the bigger sized bags! They look far too normal and there’s no the signature burberry checkered print on it!

FROM LEFT BAG ¥27,300 (ZA413-216) size:220×320×160 color:ピンク [1月上旬入荷予定]
¥29,400 (ZA412-216) size:280×360×180 color:ピンク [1月上旬入荷予定]
¥16,800 (ZA414-216) size:160×200×140 color:ピンク [1月上旬入荷予定]


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  1. Hi,

    It’s interesting , pls include me in your mailing list as i wish to get one – for your pre-order,


  2. hi hi..
    so excited to have found ur website. pls include me in your mailing list. might wan to pre-order BBL bags. thkx thkx :>

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