Careful of fake Burberry Blue Label bags on!

December 7, 2008 at 3:25 am | Posted in my ramblings, Uncategorized | 6 Comments

I was just surfing ebay to check out what other Burberry Blue Label bags are being sold when I came across this particular design of BBL which I’ve never seen before. The design of the bag looks pretty interesting but I was somewhat disturbed by the humongous and un-chic logo it bears. So clicking it through, the description by the seller claims  that the bag is authentic. Can I trust the seller? Well the ratings for the seller seems pretty good (better than ours in any case). So what’s my conclusion after checking out the bid? ->> The only thing that is authentic about that bidding is it’s price. It is selling for US $299!!!!

If you are interested to know how we spot it, click more to find out!~

  • The bag label states “Burberrys of London Blue Label” instead of the real ones “Burberry London Blue Label”
  • The zip looks more like a zip on a bag sold in a night market rather than on a branded bag!
  • And of course, the humongous logo that caught our attention in the first place!

I’m going to be a busybody and tip off ebay. I doubt ebay can tell what’s a real Burberry Blue Label bag. The seller seems to have three other BBL bags. I’m not sure if they are authentic (it’s more difficult to spot for her/his other two bags), so if you are interested in getting any of her/his bags, be forewarned first! And always be aware of the dangers in getting a branded bag online or in secondhand shops~



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  1. I came across this listing on eBay. I’m interested in bidding but not sure about authenticity…
    I requested the pic of the interior MADE IN tag, is it supposed to be white unlike Burberry London’s leather tag?

  2. Hi

    Not sure about whether it is authentic but the tags should be in white cloth. One other way to verify is to check the zip. The zip should be imprinted with the brand as well.

    If it is authentic, the price of US49.99 is really cheap even if it has been used. But if it isn’t authentic, that’s an expensive fake!

  3. Hi ladies,
    I came across this site that carries a good range of Blue Label bags, are they authentic sellers? I am looking at another who offers money back guarantee apparently. Your feedback?

  4. Hi Laura

    Afraid we are unable to comment on the authenticity of any websites or bags. Basically even if you do hear good comments about any source, you still need to be careful. Previously I read from an overseas forum that many many years back, there was an online shop based overseas that sold authentic BBL stuff but there were also comments that the online shop also tried passing off fakes as real bags. The shop has since closed down already. So just be careful!

  5. I found a really nice leather jacket on Ebay right now selling for USD$499. It is a Burberry Blue Label jacket and I have seen it on their website for the AW09 collection. I asked a Burberry (although not a BBL) expert if it’s authentic or not. She said the blue label looked funny since she has some experience with BBL. If I post the link, which has plenty of good pics, can you please help me authenticate it? If you cannot, then I understand.

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