thechicshop’s Nov 2009 in stock Burberry Blue Label bags!~

November 17, 2008 at 4:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Back in Singapore!

We managed to get in a few bags from Burberry Blue Label in stock this time round =) Will post prices up when the transaction reflects in our credit card bill. A little worried about the exchange rate though as the yen went up during our trip. Hopefully it is still affordable for most of BBL fans! We also welcome international orders!

The rectangular bag (small size) is from the latest season!~ The handles are of shiny material instead of matte. Looks nicer in our opinion, adds a bit more depth to the bag. But for the first bag in the pictures, we feel that it’s nicer in matte, probably because it’s small, it doesn’t carry the shiny material well. Hence we only brought in the old model. Till our next post then~

bag picture-6



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  1. Hi, wonder what’s the retail price for the rectangular bag? how many sizes does it come in?

  2. May I know what’s the model & size of the bag?

  3. Hi Zin

    The bags are sold in Japan’s shops at 33000 Yen.

    Hi Ring

    Not sure about the model no. as it is not found on their website. The one we have is the smaller size version.

  4. Hi, so the 33000 yen is for the smaller version?

  5. you guys have the one on the left in stock? how much is it in SGD?

  6. wat colour do you have for the rectangular wan?
    can u give me the measurement of the bag size?

  7. Hi, do you still have stock of the ‘dumpling bag’ on the left? The cost is not a big issue. Please get in touch via email.


  8. Hi, how much do you sell the dumpling bag on the left?

  9. Hi Lyvonia,

    Afraid we no longer have stocks for that bag.

  10. Hi I know this is an old model, but I really want to buy this bag and I am deperately looking for it now, do you still have any available??

  11. Hi, we don’t have the bags but if u are interested in the rectangular tote, u might be interested in this bag that we have in stock:

  12. I’m wondering if you still have that bag in stock? the rectangular tote….what else do u have?

  13. What other color is available besides the combination of black?

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