Burberry Blue Label – Latest wallet collection! In four colours

October 7, 2008 at 11:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Managed to source out photos of four wallets from a TW auction site~ This is the latest design and colours (first saw it on sale on a Jul trip). There are two types of design – one with a metal clasp and another is secured with just a button.



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  1. What’s the estimated price in S$ for one of these walets? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jes,

    It’s around 19,600 Yen. But this is just an estimate. The price will be based on the price tag/receipt.

    As the currency rate will only be determined after the transaction reflects on our credit card bill, we are unable to advise you on the price in S$. Do get in touch with us via thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg if interested!~

  3. can i know wat is the price of the purple wallet?

  4. hi,can i know how much is the first wallet which is the purple one? is it possible to get it by xmas? thnks

  5. Hi Jade

    We are not taking any preorders at the moment as we’ve returned from our end of the year trip already. Next trip is tentatively fixed in Jul 08. If you are interested, we can include you in our mailing list =)

  6. Hi interested in the 1st wallet from the left. only noe theres pink and black. any other colors? possible to get it? cos saw tat yr next trip is in jul. price still 19600yen? thanks.

  7. Hi Kathryn

    We usually charge a handling fee + the price of the wallet (based on the price tag/receipt) for buyers located in Singapore. The prices on the site are just as a guide as BBL may change prices of their items.

    The wallet design may differ in Jul09. So, if you really really want to get it, it’s safer if you get it from other source, in case you miss it. Once BBL retire a design, they don’t reintroduce it. =)

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