Burberry Blue Label – Bags from 2007 – 2008

July 26, 2008 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Notice that BBL often repeats a particular type of bag before they retire it? First is the dumpling bag, then it is the reversible bag. Now it’s the tote bag with checkered print. It’s quite a good strategy, to track how well a particular design sells and then imitate that design for a few other seasons and stop it totally. In my humble opinion, it has worked very well for BBL.

Latest models (Jun 08):

End of 2007 ~ Early 2008




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  1. how much is the second row middle one? the large size.

  2. Hi Caryn

    Not sure abt the large size but the medium one is about 26000 Yen. So large one should be around 28000 – 32000 Yen

  3. I’m quite interested in this range too. Do u still take order for these?

  4. Hi Cheryl

    Yes, we are still taking preorders for them. There’s a higher chance of getting the 2008 version compared to the end 2007- early 2008 version. If you wish to preorder a bag, do drop us an email at thechicshop@yahoo.com.sg =)

  5. hi, do you still have the top row extreme right bbl bag?

  6. Hi I’m interested on the Y07 model. 2nd Row 1st or 2nd one. YOu have ready stock or you taking pre-order? How much is that?

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