Burberry Blue Label – Bags from 2007 – 2008

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Notice that BBL often repeats a particular type of bag before they retire it? First is the dumpling bag, then it is the reversible bag. Now it’s the tote bag with checkered print. It’s quite a good strategy, to track how well a particular design sells and then imitate that design for a few other seasons and stop it totally. In my humble opinion, it has worked very well for BBL.

Latest models (Jun 08):

End of 2007 ~ Early 2008



Jul 2008 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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Just visited BBL official website and it seems that there’s something wrong with their website. All the pictures under BBL accessories were of the same bags (picture below). I felt pretty disappointed with the lack of information on the new collection. The new collection below doesn’t seem too impressive and it looks like any other ordinary bags that you can get off the shelves of any shopping centres.

BBL’s popular bags tend to be those with checkered patterns (which is pretty intuitive since people like to buy BBL because it looks like Burberry, exclusive to Japan and more affordable) and personally, I too prefer their checkered patterns on bags. Hoping their next collection will feature their signature checkered patterns again!

From Left ¥34,650 (ZAE36-146) size:200×250×160 color:ブラック・パープル・ベージュ
¥18,900 (ZAE48-146) size:120×250×100 color:ブラック・パープル・ベージュ
¥37,800 (ZAE34-146) size:270×390×180 color:ブラック・パープル・ベージュ
¥34,650 (ZAE35-146) size:220×270×170 color:ブラック・パープル・ベージュ

Burberry Blue Label – A glimpse of a BBL boutique in Jul 08

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A souvenir from Tokyo to all burberrybluelabel.wordpress.com readers:

Just thought this photo would be great as a gift to readers especially for anyone who is going Japan/has friends going to Japan for BBL bags. Although we don’t have a price list of the bags, but from the photos, you can roughly see what bags are available at the moment =)

Burberry Blue Label – New BBL wallets

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Shopping for a Burberry Blue Label bag is always a joy and this time, we got a surprise when we saw a new model of wallets sold at the boutique. The older checkered version were all out of stock in three boutiques we visited. M wanted to get some for thechicshop but in the end we didn’t purchase the new wallets as they were a tad expensive ( around 19,600 Yen i think), compared to the 16000 Yen for the previous version. I think the higher cost is due to the material used, more leather was used in the making of the new version.

For my dear BBL readers, here’s a picture of the wallets =)

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