BBL and their really tiny sizes!~

May 18, 2008 at 4:39 pm | Posted in my ramblings, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Besides the horrid experience I had at Ginza BBL boutique, another memorable event I had was my experience with BBL sizes for their jeans. The desire for a pair of BBL 3/4 was ignited in me after I saw this very stylish Japanese woman pairing it with boots. So when I saw it in a BBL store, I was prepared to fork out the $$ for it. Alas, the heavens were not kind to me. That pair of jeans came in really tiny sizes. If I recall correctly, their largest size  was 25 and I can’t fit in it! I’m not really big size if you know me.

As for their top, sizes were also on the small side. I could fit in a few of their blouses but as my shoulder is slightly broad, I felt a little uncomfortable. Hence to console myself, I got a sweater instead, which I kinda regret the moment I left Japan. Sigh… If anyone wants a BBL short puff up sleeves brown zip up cotton jacket, you can drop a msg here. I’m still thinking whether to let it go or wear it. Crossing my fingers that for thechicshop’s next spree to Japan, I’ll not get anything on impulse again!~



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  1. Hi there 🙂 I was reading your previous posts. & I read about you writing there are two shops that are selling BBL in Singapore? Is it possible to let me know where is it? I’ve been wanting to get a BBL bag but most of the people told me that its only sold in Japan 😦 Do email me or drop by my blog to leave a tag! Thanks 😀

  2. Hi Cheryl

    I know there’s one at Raffles Place, the Arcade. Another I heard is at Orch. Or else, I can suggest getting it from Yahoo, which is usually cheaper than those in the shops =)

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