BBL and their really tiny sizes!~

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Besides the horrid experience I had at Ginza BBL boutique, another memorable event I had was my experience with BBL sizes for their jeans. The desire for a pair of BBL 3/4 was ignited in me after I saw this very stylish Japanese woman pairing it with boots. So when I saw it in a BBL store, I was prepared to fork out the $$ for it. Alas, the heavens were not kind to me. That pair of jeans came in really tiny sizes. If I recall correctly, their largest size  was 25 and I can’t fit in it! I’m not really big size if you know me.

As for their top, sizes were also on the small side. I could fit in a few of their blouses but as my shoulder is slightly broad, I felt a little uncomfortable. Hence to console myself, I got a sweater instead, which I kinda regret the moment I left Japan. Sigh… If anyone wants a BBL short puff up sleeves brown zip up cotton jacket, you can drop a msg here. I’m still thinking whether to let it go or wear it. Crossing my fingers that for thechicshop’s next spree to Japan, I’ll not get anything on impulse again!~


Mid-May 2008 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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The white and blue design is not something I would recommend. The design is not unique and other than the BBL logo, there seems nothing to differentiate it from a S$25 bag. I still prefer BBL bags with Burberry trademark checkered design. But then it is just me, a brand conscious gal =p

LEFT BAG ¥39,900 (ZA471-977) size:220×285×150 color:ホワイト・ブルー・ブラウン
RIGHT BAG ¥43,050 (ZA470-977) size:270×280×150 color:ホワイト・ブルー・ブラウン

May 2008 – Burberry Blue Label Collection

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LEFT BAG ¥33,600 (ZA480-950) size:155×295×110 color:ブラック・ピンク・ベージュ
CENTER BAG ¥43,050 (ZA478-950) size:250×330×150 color:ブラック・ピンク・ベージュ
RIGHT BAG ¥36,750 (ZA479-950) size:180×360×130 color:ブラック・ピンク・ベージュ

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