Back from our BBL spree

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Missed my posts about Burberry Blue Label?  Sorry, didn’t have the time to post any information here since returning back to Singapore from our spree. Glad to say this time round we had a great trip shopping for all the preorders we took =) Even though most of the BBL purchases aren’t really ours, we get an adrenaline rush whenever we manage to find bags which buyers preorder (it is not solely because we get a fee out of it!~). How can I explain? It’s the whole process of transaction which gives the feeling akin to the satisfaction we get whenever we bought something we want really really want.  It’s somewhat like finding a bag that you really really like and thought was out of stock. Sounds crazy? I guess that’s the main reason that gets the three of us going on this enterprise =)

The trip this time round took us to many new exciting places, from Kyoto to Hiroshima to Tokyo.  Like a boy scout,  we prepared ourselves fully, with maps in our bags (of where BBL shops are ) and cards in our wallets, we went on our expedition for BBL!~

Most of the outlets look pretty much the same but the stocks in Tokyo is much more varied than the ones elsewhere. Lots of new items which we saw in Tokyo were not on the shelves of its other sister cities. The boutique that left the strongest impression in this round of preorder was the trip to BBL’s Ginza flagship store. We don’t usually go to the store in Ginza as stocks are usually snatched up by the hordes of tourists who descend there as their must stop destination in Tokyo.  This time was different as two bags that were ordered by our buyers can only be found there, we had no choice but to make a trip there. The situation was worse than we expected. The salesgirls seemed harassed as  *some of the tourists were pretty pushy and kiasu – they weren’t Singaporeans by the way*. They raised their voices to the salesgirls and the salesgirls had to raise their voice back as well when they asked the tourists to wait. From where we stood, the tourists seemed to compete with each other as well for bags and some bought like four in one go as gifts for their children.

When the salesgirl finally located the bags that we wanted to purchase, a very rude tourist came over and wanted to touch the bags that we were looking at. BTW I really hate people touching the stuff I’m purchasing and preorders are pretty much my stuff till I hand them over. Before any of us could say anything, the salesgirl preempted the itchy fingers of the tourist and said the bags are ours. =) Sorry, I may seem evil but I was grinning inside when the salesgirl said that.

Another observation from the chaotic situation was that BBL lovers really go to a great extent in getting stuff they want. We saw three men doing a video conference call, beaming videos of BBL items. That really got us thinking – would anyone want to have a look at what the shops are selling? If there is a demand, perhaps on our next trip, we may do some video uploading for our preorder (if there is time)!~


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