Closing of our April BBL Spree

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Thank you for everyone’s support for thechicshop’s BBL preorder service. We will be away from Singapore tmr and be back in mid-April. If you have any questions to ask us, you can still email us at We will try to reply to you asap but as we may not have internet access everyday, we may not be able to reply you immediately.For anyone who really really need to use our preorder service, you can also drop us an email. We will get in touch with you on whether we can take in your last min orders~

Stay tune to our blog for pictures of sakura when we get back=) Wish to share them with all of you~

from the gals at thechicshop


2008 – Pictures of BBL bags from TW auction~

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2008 Burberry Blue Label Charms

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Can’t resist posting these cute charms! Comes in three colours – gray, white and pink. If you wish to place an order with thechicshop, payment has to be made by 29th Mar! Not sure how much each of these cost in yen but our handling fee will be S$15 for each (includes local registered postage) and pricing will be:

How much each cost: Price in Yen (excluding tax) X 0.0145 (edited on 25Mar) + 15

If you get two, our handling fee will be S$12 each!~

bbl-gray-charm.jpg bbl-white-charm.jpg bbl-red-charm.jpg

To preorder, email thechicshop at with form below. We will require a deposit of S$30 per item.
Order form

Item: BBL charm
Colour: Gray/white/red

March 2008 – Burberry Blue Label collection

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The last week before leaving for a spree in Japan is always extremely tiring. Not only the itinerary has to be finalised, there are also the last min orders (not that I’m complaining as the more business the merrier!), the packing of clothes and the changing of $$! All of us are spotting dark panda eyes these few days. If you see any girls with very dark panda eyes, bringing around a BBL bag, there is a 70% chance that you’ve spotted one of us!

Anyway, this is probably the last update from BBL official website before we leave for Japan. I quite like the white colour bags, with black leather handles.

Here’s two new collection, enjoy!~

LEFT BAG ¥36,750 (ZA439-953) size:300×250×180 color:白・黒・ベージュ [3月下旬入荷予定]
RIGHT BAG ¥36,750 (ZA438-953) size:230×340×220 color:白・黒・ベージュ [3月下旬入荷予定]
LEFT BAG ¥31,500 (ZA447-949) size:280×310×110 color:白・ブラウン・イエロー
CENTER BAG ¥36,750 (ZA446-949) size:255×440×150 color:白・ブラウン・イエロー
RIGHT BAG ¥33,600 (ZA448-949) size:200×390×130 color:白・ブラウン・イエロー

Thank you for linking to our BBL blog!~

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Just received a few emails regarding a hardwarezone post. Great to know that someone has linked to my blog =) but I am not associated with him/her though we are traveling to Japan around the same period =) Guess he/she is there for cherry blossom viewing too!~ =)

It’s a great feeling when one’s posts are read by many people. Not in the sense as an ego booster, but that more people get to know one of my fave brand through my blog. Hence will work hard to make this blog a success!~

I’m more than happy if anyone wants to link to this blog. Afterall, that’s what blogs are for – for others to read and spread info!!

Cancam April 2008 – Burberry Blue Label Spring 2008 Collection

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Nonno Feb 2008 – Burberry Blue Label Spring 2008 Collection

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Remember my entry a few weeks back on this BBL collection featuring huge logos? While reading the Feb issue of Nonno 08, I spotted this magazine spread that features the bag in another colour. The brown coloured version looks really nice from the picture. Is it because the picture was well-taken? I’m being cautious here in giving my comments because I don’t want to cause anyone major lemming for it. It’s a KIV item for me.

Judge it yourself if it has any potential to be part of your bag collection!


Gorgeous Feb-Mar 2008 Burberry Blue Label Collection!~

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Uploaded on TW Yahoo page are new BBL bags. They look really gorgeous and from afar, it probably can be passed off as the London range! How to choose which bag to get?!? Comes in brown as well!



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