Burberry Blue Label Reversible Bags

February 2, 2008 at 6:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 14 Comments

Many people have asked us about whether the *rare pink* BBL bag which thechicshop have in stock is from the reversible range. (Rare because it is from an older collection and not easily available now, rather than the production quantity.) I guess to a layman who just got to know BBL, it is pretty difficult to tell which bags are reversible ones. Just to clarify, it isn’t. It is from a collection that comes before the reversible range.

The main attraction of the BBL reversible bags for me (as well as many girls who traipse around with the bags) comes from the size of the tote bag. You can dump all your school notes or office documents into the bag! Also, you can vary the look according to your mood. If you feel like showing off the fact that you are carrying a Burberry bag, just use the checkered side. If you feel like going for a more subtle look, use the plain side, with the checkered cloth peeping out whenever you take out something from the bag. =) Pretty versatile and you can use it for school/work/shopping!

The pouch that it comes with can be used to keep your money and cards. You can also use it as a makeup pouch. Simply love BBL for including a pouch to accompany this range of bags. Most of the reversible bags come with pouches but I’m not 100% sure if all reversible bags come with pouches. I’ve seen auctions that have bags that do not include pouches. Either BBL did not include the pouch for some or some of the sellers have sold the pouches separately.

Burberry Blue Reversible bags:
(pictures 1-5 from TW auction, pic 6 from red channel)

bbl-pink-reversible.jpg bbl-pink-gold-reversible.jpgbbl-brown-gold-bag.jpgbbl-brown-bag.jpg


BBL has also come up with several variations of reversible bags, as well as bags which look similar to the reversible bags (but not reversible):
(all pictures from tw auction)


light-brown-non-reversible.jpg pink-non-reversible-bag.jpgnon-reversible-black.jpg



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  1. hihi…can i knoe wat the price for Burberry Blue Reversible bags?

  2. I haven’t bought any reversible bags before (which is one of my everlasting regrets).

    From what i can remember, it costs around 26000 Yen to 28000 Yen. But the reversible range is quite an old range, with the latest blue and black out in mid 2007. You may have difficulties locating it in Japan.

    The current rate in re-sale market will cost you an additional S$100-150.

  3. Hi, do you still have the blue checkered reversible for sale? if yes how much is it and what’s the measurement like? thanks.

  4. Hi, any possibility of buying this bag now? I have been searching for this for a long time….hope to hear some good new from you!

  5. I bought the dark blue reversible bag in Tokyo(July 07). It cost JPY22,000 (as it was tax free for tourist). Will be JPY 23,100 with tax. By the time I was there in July, most colours were sold out e.g. black was sold out. It comes in 3 sizes, the price I quoted was for the medium size. The big one looked like maternity bag and was square rather than rectangular shape. Chances of getting one direct from the shop now is very slim. However, I know you can call up the shop in Japan to inquire and the salesgirl is willing to help reserve the stock.. because that was what I did, with the help of my Japanese speaking friend of course!

  6. Wow, you are really lucky.

    I think some of the BBL gals are really nice, willing to extend more help in locating a certain model. But there are some who aren’t that friendly. I guess it depends on luck!~

  7. Hi,

    would like to know how to tell a fake BBL from a real one??


  8. Hi Angela

    Earlier I’ve posted an entry on this. You can check out https://burberrybluelabel.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/tips-on-differentiating-a-poor-quality-burberry-blue-label-fake-bag-from-an-authentic-one/

    You’ll also need to use your intuition as to whether a seller is selling a real bag. If the bag is sold at a cheaper price, be very suspicious. Final warning – even receipts can be forged.

  9. Hi hi,
    Is the reversiable bags still availabe? If yes, I would like to place an order.


  10. Hi Jennifer, I’m afraid thechicshop is unable to accept any orders for the reversible range as they were out of stock in Japan when we went in April and Jul. Maybe you can try your luck with resllers, just that the price will be higher and you’ll need to be careful whether it’s authentic or fake.

  11. Hi, any possible to purchase a brand new “Burberry Blue Reversible bags”, the checkered with pouch type?


  12. Hi Joy

    It is not possible to preorder a BBL reversible bag with us as they are out of stock. You can try to pay attention to ebay. Sometimes they have secondhand bags.

  13. […] Burberry Blue Label Reversible Bags (yes, I am a big Burberry fan. Though I am not rich enough to be able to afford the bags yet. Sobz) […]

  14. Hi, I been searching for my long wanted Burberry bag in the website and finally found it in your link and I’m so happy! But not too sure you are able to source or tell me where to get it. Found it in your Feb 2008 Archives file – is the bags which look similar to the reversible bags (but not reversible). Is the one in purple and brown “non reversible” color as pictured in your Feb archive file. Please reply to my email and let me know. Your help will be very much appreciated. Even if is not in stock and no where to get it, at least I try..:) thanks so much! – Shirley

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