Burberry Christmas 07 Limited Edition bags!

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To kickstart this new Burberry Blue Label blog, I’m putting up pictures of Xmas bags, culled from various websites. I was there with thechicshop gals in Dec when the collection was launched. The Xmas edition bags are gorgeous (okay, I admit I’m biased towards BBL but they really look great!)! I was pretty wowed over with the gold cream bag. As you might as well guessed, I got one for myself and one for our eshop.Most all of the photos are taken from auctions/eshops, if you would like to purchase them, you can simply check out the various websites that I have linked to. We are not affilated to any of the eshops other than thechicshop =) Do your own research on the various e-shops and auction as there are fake BBL bags around! Be careful especially if you are buying past season bags!!

Just to state some ground rules..

This is a personal blog that I’m starting to share my luv for BBL bags. Please do not ask about the authenticity of the bags as I have no idea.. and if you have photos to share, you can upload the pictures to http://www.photobucket and send the link via the comment. I’ll be glad to put it up!

For anyone who would like to link to this site, you are more than welcome =)

Please note that I am not responsible for links from/to this blog as this is meant only as a general reference for BBL fans.

For owners of photos: If you are against linking to your website, please let me know via comments on this blog. I’ll remove it. But pls pls do allow it.. it will not only allow all BBL lovers to have an archive of bags to refer to, it will also boost your traffic and let people know that you are selling these bags!

Here’s the xmas bags of 2007!~ Enjoy!

1 – buckleup20032001 (Singapore Yahoo Auction)

2 – thechicshop (Singapore Yahoo Auction)

3-6 – Redchannel website (online HK eshop) (the gold coloured bags comes in two other colours as well. Can’t find pictures of other bags though)



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