Are Burberry Blue Label Bags getting more expensive?

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Just an afterthought after posting pictures of the new BBL collections on this blog – are BBL getting more expensive? The two latest collections seem to indicate an increase in price as prices start from 39000 Yen and that’s approaching the price of their Limited Edition bags! Hopefully this isn’t going to be the trend from now on. Otherwise, I won’t be able to afford my BBL fix in future!


Burberry Blue Label Bags – More updates in Jan

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Wow, after months of inactivity on BBL official website at its bag section, we have spotted two updates in just a single month! Below are the two other collection they’ve recently launched. The one in gray was first seen in the Pinky magazine, albeit in red. I still think the red one looks way better than the gray version!

LEFT BAG ¥39,900 size:200×340×160 [1月中旬入荷予定]
CENTER BAG ¥39,900 size:210×310×170 [1月中旬入荷予定]
RIGHT POUCH ¥16,800 size:260×130  [1月中旬入荷予定]
LEFT BAG ¥39,900 size:240×380×170
RIGHT BAG ¥43,050 size:360×320×170

Burberry Blue Label Website – BBL Accessories Update

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The long awaited update on BBL official website~ In case you have no idea what BBL url is, you can access via this link ->

LEFT BAG ¥27,300, size:210×380×140
CENTER BAG ¥29,400, size:245×220×140
RIGHT BAG ¥25,200, size:200×300×100
LEFT BAG ¥29,400, size:240×320×180 color
CENTER BAG ¥29,400, size:180×290×120
RIGHT BAG ¥27,300, size:330×320×120

Burberry Blue Label Ruffles Bags in Five Colours

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The older versions sold in 2007 (in black and light pink) seem more attractive than the latest colours! There’s also a yellowish brown colour version in the 2007 collection as well but I can’t seem to find it.
PS: For anyone who is looking for the black ruffles bag in Tokyo, just to let you know, on our Nov trip, the salesgirl told us that they only had one piece in Tokyo itself. The black version is probably sold out by now!

Pictures from TW yahoo auctions


Singapore’s Burberry Blue Label scene

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BBL bags are popping up in great frequency now in Singapore. Just today alone, I saw 5 bags and 1 BBL wallet! I really think the women here are crazy over BBL! (Erm.. including me!) …. This probably applies to both the women in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

However, the strange thing is, BBL isn’t as popular in Tokyo. I was keeping a close look on what the Japanese wore when I was in Tokyo with thechicshop pals and really, the frequency of spotting one BBL is so low (like 1 or 2 in a day) that you would have thought BBL is sold exclusively in Singapore! Talk about irony!

Anyway, I understand that there are two shops in Singapore selling BBL. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)… Haven’t been to the shops but I presume the prices are pretty hiked up, especially since they don’t get BBL stuff cheaper. Reason being, there’s no bulk purchase discount. In the early days of BBL, I read that there was a VIP 5% discount, which is pretty good since you’ll also get a 5% discount off tax. So it is 5% + 5%.. and that translates into quite a bit of savings if you purchase lots of bags. But too bad, they have already discontinued the membership, sigh….

Anyway, just from observing the bags that women are carrying, I can say with certainty that Sanyo and Burberry are earning tons of money from all BBL fans! I won’t be surprised if the profits from BBL is higher than that of other Burberry’s lines! =)

Feb Pinky 2008 – Glimpse into Burberry Blue Label Spring 2008 Collection

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Just a glimpse into what BBL is offering for 2008! The red bag looks pretty but it just doesn’t have the x-factor to make me rush off to Japan to get it!


The fascination over Burberry Blue Label bags

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What is it about Burberry Blue Label that has attracted many followers all over Asia? First, let me just give you a brief history of how BBL came about for those newbies. BBL came about when Burberry (the overall head of the corporation) sold the license to its trademark to Sanyo, a Japanese company in 1996 (Does it come as a surprise that BBL has already been in existence for more than 10 years?).

With the license, Sanyo’s designers reinterpreted Burberry’s image to suit their target audience of young women, and their most popular bag – the dumpling bag – won the hearts of many (unfortunately, the counterfeiters fell in love the the dumpling bag too!)

The seasonal colours that BBL bags came in drove the heat up as well among their customers – checkered patterns that were used for a 2003 pink bag would be different from that of a 2004 pink bag. Not only would the colours of the bags be different, BBL would also make changes to the handles and the bases of the bags. However, the dumpling bags are no longer sold by BBL because of rampant counterfeits. It is really a shame for BBL fans.. especially for those who just got to know about BBL or for those who love BBL in the past but couldn’t afford one in the past. This probably is also the reason for the discontinuation of the reversible bags (they haven’t released it for two seasons already). I do understand BBL’s strategy for discontinuing the dumpling bag. However, it may work against them as fans would consider purchasing good quality counterfeits (I was tempted in getting one when I saw this woman carrying a BBL dumpling bag on the train. Sigh… wish I bought a piece when I went to Japan a few years ago. Wishing against hope that they will come up with a limited edition!)

Factoring in BBL’s deft marketing efforts, its famous checkered fabric and logo of Burberry on fashionable clothes and accessories, its use of seasonal colours, its non-discounted merchandises even during sales, its pretty salesgirls in attractive BBL’s clothes and of course, its charm as an exclusive brand sold only in Japan ( it really drives up the attraction of the BBL merchandise!), it is not that hard to see why Burbery Blue Label is so popular!

In commemoration of the dumpling bags, I’ve uploaded photos of past collections taken from websites, mostly Japan auction sites where sellers are trying to off-load their used bags. For those who are able to get a source to purchase for you, there may be good bargains but be careful of counterfeits!


Burberry Blue Label Shops In Japan

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If you are wondering where to purchase your beloved BBL items, you can check out the list of shops below. All these information are taken from the official BBL website on 07 Jan 2008.

From our past experience, it is best to write down BBL in Japanese ( バーバリー ブルーレーベル) before you leave for Japan. You can use that to ask the specific location of BBL. Otherwise, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to comb the shopping centres (the Japanese don’t really understand when we say out the brand in full…. probably it’s because of the difference in how we pronounce it.)

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Tips on differentiating a poor quality Burberry Blue Label fake bag from an authentic one

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With many non-authentic Burberry Blue Label bags around, how does one tell whether it is a fake or a real bag? Truthfully speaking, if it is an AAA grade type, you probably will be unable to tell the difference. But for the average non-authentic BBL bag, you can use these tips, taken from on how to identify a real gem from the a carbon copy.

Firstly, the words on the label should be as follows:


The top right hand corner of the cloth label should be sewn in a straight line and it should not be sewn haphazardly.

The above three labels are from authentic BBL bags. On each bag, the label will either be fixed in the centre of the bag or on the left side of it. It will not have two labels.

Burberry Blue Label 06 Super Bible

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This is a beautiful collection of Burberry Blue Label merchandise, together with information on BBL. It was given out as a freebie with a HK magazine.

There’s one such booklet on sale from I am really tempted to purchase this but decided against it as it is quite expensive. Yes I am quite thrifty, despite my taste for expensive bags! If anyone has a scanned version of this book, hope you can upload it on photobucket and send me the link for uploading. In the meantime, for anyone who wants a glimpse, here are some pictures taken from HK ebay auction seller hkdinho:

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